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Wave-generated electricity happens! - Zen Harmony Diving
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renewable energy

Wave-generated electricity happens!

Australian company Carnegie Wave Energy  has activated the world’s first grid-connected wave power station, off the coast of Western Australia (WA).  Renewable energy reaches the next stage through oceans, resource that we often take for granted and yet it is 2/3 of our planet.

Named after a Greek sea goddess, CETO offers the potential to revolutionise power and water production globally. CETO harnesses the enormous renewable energy present in our ocean’s waves and converts it into two of the most valuable commodities underpinning the sustainable growth of the planet; zero-emission electricity and zero-emission desalinated water.

Wave power station is made out of the round, submerged buoys tethered to seabed pump units, which are installed at a depth of between 25 and 50 metres. Waves crashing into the buoys drive the pumps, which push pressurised seawater through a pipeline beneath the ocean floor to an onshore hydroelectric power station. Here, the high-pressure water drives a turbine and generates electricity.

“The high-pressure water can also be used to supply a reverse osmosis desalination plant, replacing or reducing reliance on greenhouse gas-emitting, electrically-driven pumps usually required for such plants,” the company states on its website. They also state that CETO has minimal environmental impact and it co-exists with marine life.

If that is correct or not you may decide by yourself after watching the sped-up installation of the second buoy, though be forewarned, the accompanying music might make you dizzy.

So what do you think, is this a step closer to living in a harmony with the nature?