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Zentsu™ relaxation practice - Zen Harmony Diving - Zen Harmony Diving
ultimate relaxation with Zentsu


Zentsu™ is an adaptation of Watsu to scuba diving and snorkelling, has been specially designed to release present and hidden tensions in the body that might prevent Scuba Divers and Snorkelers totally immersing themselves in the water world.

Zentsu™ relaxation practice, important part of Zen Harmony Diving™, developed at Zen Resort Bali, has turned out to be the most effective in enhancing total relaxation and release of physical and psychological tensions. Zentsu™ is important part of Zen Harmony™ pre-diving process.

A number of our scuba divers and snorkelers guests have described the Zentsu experience as bringing back the deep and secure memories of the first nine months of life in the womb, not unlike smelling bread – in – the oven scent in a bakery and recalling unconscious and buried memories of early childhood standing in the warmth of the kitchen while bread was being baked.

  • zentsu™ in the zen pool

The benefits of Zentsu™ are that as we become totally blended with the environment, resistance disappears and we experience a whole new realm of possibilities. With a Zentsu™ portion facing down and while using Easybreathe full face snorkeling mask, natural focus comes to breathing. This is a perfect moment to recal previously learnt Zen Harmony™ pre-dive Pranayama and use it for the first time in the water.

When practiced in the pool or the ocean for a just a few minutes of floating and on water relaxation exercises, is particularly beneficial to a rapid relaxation and body alignment for divers and snorkelers who may be physically unfit and possibly tired and anxious following a long airplane flight.

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