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Integrated dive mask

Zen Harmony Diving & Snorkeling Technology

Zen Harmony Diving incorporates the OCEAN REEF Full Face Integrated Dive and Snorkeling Mask Systems. These allow divers and snorkelers to breathe comfortably and naturally through the nose. Ocean Reef Integrated Dive and Snorkeling Masks do not leak water and generally never fog the visors. This new innovation gives the possibility to get back to a more efficient way of natural behavior underwater.

  • snorkeler with an easy breathe mask

To be able to breath underwater we need specialized equipment. Today the conventional scuba diving equipment entails taking own air supply tank connected to a breathing regulator in the mouth and a mask that creates an air bubble before the eyes. This diving equipment has enabled millions of underwater explorers to experience and discover the beautiful world of scuba diving.

Breathing through the mouth is in a sense abnormal, inefficient and complex as well as being uncomfortable in comparison with the natural way of breathing though the nose. The current diving system mask also reduce range of vision, fog up and leak water and thus can be disconcerting with increased anxiety.

Inspired by the equipment used for commercial diving where humans need to work for several hours under extreme condition, new and more lightweight dive equipment was invented. A revolution in manufacturing has now lowered the cost of these systems and brought these technologies to the broader market. The introduction of Full Face Mask (IDM) systems for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling brings more comfort: no fogging of the visor, greater vision, no leaking, with an underwater fellow-divers-connected easy intercom system.

Zen Harmony Diving incorporates these latest innovations in diving and snorkelling equipments and thus empowering much wide community to experience the wonder, honouring its secrets, environmentally concerns and become active and committed to preserving the oceanic world – the largest and precious natural resource.

Annex 7: OCEANREEF Full Face IDM Scuba and Snorkelling systems