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Practice - Zen Harmony Diving - Zen Harmony Diving
preparing for scuba diving

Zen Harmony Diving Process

We have designed all of our programs to maximize your dive time and significantly enhance your enjoyment of the underwater world by making the whole process as smooth, safe and as hassle free as we can without compromising quality and safety.


Ocean Reef mask

Zen Harmony Diving incorporates the OCEAN REEF Full Face Integrated Dive and Snorkeling Mask Systems. These allow divers and snorkelers to breathe comfortably and naturally through the nose.

Pre Dive

Ayurvedic treatment

Zen Harmony Diving and Snorkelling programs include pre dive Ayurvedic treatments, meditation & visualisation, breathing exercises to enhance lung capacity, depth of breathing etc. 



During the dive our dive professionals will help you integrate learned skills in order to help you be calm underwater, improve your air consumption, create a meditative state of mind and make you a buoyancy master.

Post Dive

post dive breathing

After a dive you and your instructor will review the dive, practice breathing techniques to remove any excess nitrogen, and that will calm the mind and body by balancing the flow of prana (energy) in the body.