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Join our Vision

Our mission is to increase awareness of human health and fitness benefits of Zen Harmony Diving, integrating scuba diving and snorkelling with harmony breathing, meditation, yoga and ayurveda holistic wellness

Join us in our vision is to create and revolutionize the world of diving to substantially increase the community of scuba divers and snorkelers and through their leadership, they will enhance public awareness and actions to protect the oceans through sustainable interface with all forms of marine life as well recognizing the critical role of oceans to regulate and sustain the Earth’s climate.

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Therefore we have developed Zen Harmony Diving™, a holistic system that has integrated the practices of harmony breathing, meditation, yoga, and ayurveda with scuba diving and snorkelling. This system was developed and is managed by leading wellness and diving experts and is receiving attention from the world’s leading Scuba certification agencies.

Our aim is to Develop Zen Harmony Diving™ Centres worldwide into renowned Centres of Excellence for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling. If you are interested in implementing our best practices in your working environment, being that diving club, centre or resort, do not hesitate to contact us now.

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