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Trash Hero – You Can Become a Hero too!

The projects of Trash Hero World change the volunteers and their thinking in a profound way. One example of this: Some months ago, Trash Hero organizers came across 2 children collecting trash on a beach in Koh Lipe (Thailand). They asked them what they were doing: „We’re playing Trash Hero!“ the two girls responded, running away with a litter-filled trash basket.

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Zen Holistic Wellness Publications – Yoga With Therapy Techniques

On the first anniversary of the International Day of Yoga and under the auspices of the United Nations, Zen Holistic Wellness Publications is honored to release this book by Dr. Shyamraj Nidugala, Dr. Mahendra Shah and Dr. Vijaykanth Saha - Yoga With Therapy Techniques, a philosophical, concept and practical guide to adopting yoga, as 21st century imperative to secure a humane and sustainable world.

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Free United Nations Online Course on Marine Litter Starts This October

Great news - free United Nations online course aimed at increasing awareness of, and stimulating creative solutions to marine litter has opened for registration. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will begin on 26 October, 2015.

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Clean Bali

Zen Dive Bali, together with IHF, International Humanity Foundation, have started organizing special projects surrounding environmental themes with the 200+ students who attend in Bali. Waste management procedures in Bali are not well defined, which creates a lot of land and sea pollution. Our hope is that through these lessons and special projects, we can create a future of educated and informed young people who can better take care of our planet.

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Yoga and scuba diving fusion

Yoga and scuba diving fusion – there are striking similarities between scuba diving and the eight limbs of traditional yoga, which are both rooted in breath control, awareness, meditation, and relaxation. Zen Dive Resorts  are the first PADI 5 Star Dive Resorts to have created a program designed for all types of people, whether they ...

Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Systems

We were searching for tools that can introduce this techniques underwater. Learning proper breathing practices is beneficial in any case and it is very important even when using conventional diving gear. We went a step further and integrated Ocean Reef full face masks into our concept, which allows scuba divers to implement all previously learned pranayama into their dives and immediately see the benefits of it.

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Zen Resort Bali and Zen Dive Resorts Launch Zen Harmony Diving

Press Release: Embargo, 6 AM GMT, 30th October 2014 Zen Resort Bali, a leading holistic health and wellness sanctuary and Zen Dive Resorts in North and East Bali, today announced the launch of Zen Harmony Diving, an integrated holistic concept that combines scuba diving and snorkeling with harmony breathing, meditation, yoga asanas and Ayurveda. This ...