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Zen Harmony Diving - Diving in Harmony with Zen

Zen Harmony Diving

This unique concept unites the best of yoga, Ayurveda & scuba diving and enables scuba divers & snorkelers to discover the beauty and amazing diversity of marine life whilst experiencing an exceptional pathway to human health and fitness through the effective practice of underwater controlled breathing, meditative focus and free flow physical exercise.

Human Health


Zen Harmony Diving™’s dive professionals and resident Ayurveda expert & therapists will create tailored Zen Harmony Breathing, Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda Programmes for all guests. Zen Harmony Diving™ also incorporates very specialized equipment to allow divers and snorkelers to breathe naturally through the nose.



This technique, developed at Zen, has turned out to be the most effective in enhancing total relaxation and release of physical and psychological tensions. A number of our scuba divers and snorkelers guests have described the Zentsu™ experience as bringing back the deep and secure memories of the first nine months of life in the womb.

Oceans Wealth


Zen Harmony Diving™ program also includes a focus on marine conservation and environmental awareness. Our resident PADI Instructors & Divemasters have an extensive experience in the rehabilitation, protection and conservation of marine enviroment. Every 28th in the month we organize special enviromental event open for everyone to join!

Zen Package Deals

Zen Dive Resort rooms

Upon arrival at Zen Dive Resorts, guests will be assessed to determine their areas of focus – from breathing to meditation, yoga, Ayurveda massage, Ayurveda diet and Zentsu™. Prior and after each dive, guests will practice breathing techniques, join a Zen Harmony Yoga session, review the dive, and discuss issues that require further attention.